As we bridge human potential & psyche, to the wilderness of the soul and Earth, we begin to tap into our truest nature. This bridge allows us to harmoniously interweave our lives through the ebb & flow of our changing (internal & external) environment, to seek balance and the wisdom of our inner knowing.

When describing Nature & Intuitive Awareness, we are interweaving the tapestry of our very essence of what it means to be human. To journey the path of Self Discovery and what ignites the soul, in search of this meaning. Nature may be refferred to as the Human Body, Earth Body, Tree, Rock, Animal… Awareness is what bridges these components, allowing and supporting its expansion. It is the inter-connectedness to All things.

Nature & Intuitive Awareness may cover topics such as:
* Re-discovering our natural intuitive energetic body, through experiential excercises in Self Healing, Journeying, Energy Balancing, Meditation, Plant and Animal Spirit Medicine, and more..
* Developing Native skills through mentoring and exploring the path of the Naturalist, Caretaker/Steward of The Earth.
* Fundamentals of Earth Living.

Suitable for Adult and Children Programs/ Workshops.

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