Benefits of
Violet Alchemy® Healing

• Releasing the weight of emotional and mental baggage such as fear, anger and guilt without pain.

• Letting go of outdated belief systems that keep us trapped in unhealthy behavior patterns.

• Opening your energetic field for greater ease in finding your true life work and path.

• Resolves deep cellular patterning of core issues carried over from other lifetimes.

• Liberates you from repeating patterns of limitation, negativity and self-sabotage.

• Prepares your energy field to receive Higher Vibrations, Activations and Dispensations offered by the Enlightened Ascended Masters and Mothers and Archangels.

• Increases a sense of inner peace, lightness and well-being, allowing one to move easily into the FLOW of life, letting go of struggle and experiencing more ease and grace in daily living.

• Brings awareness and understanding to each individual empowering them to change through self-responsibility and Divine assistance.


Appointments available IN PERSON OR CONFERENCE CALL.






Sacred Space     436 Main St, Beacon  NY  12508