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Reclaiming Wildness Mentorship Program


Nature is a doorway to self-growth, evolution of spirit, and discovery of one’s intuitive gifts. It is a therapy that merges the Body, Mind & Spirit. This is appropriate for those seeking a path of awakening their gifts, vision and connection to their inherent nature. The Wild at Heart, the Awakened Ones, Healers, Visionaries, Creatives, those that wish to dive into their Intuitive Self. To connect more fully to nature and understand awareness, energy and being more embodied in spirit.

Individual, Corporate, and Group Offerings.

Sacred in the Ordinary


“Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate
And though I oft have passed them by
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun.”
J.R.R. Tolkien

One of the worst feelings for me is when Im stuck in a rut. The monotony of repeating the same things over and over, day in and out. We have all experienced this at one time or another. Although, some people like predictability and routine. I find inspiration in opening opportunities for mini, micro-adventures. Seeking out the sacred in the ordinary, day to day. We think the day is over or they bleed into the next, with our work and responsibility. Ask yourself, what will quench my thirst as I explore new avenues within myself when I uncover unfamiliar grounds? New sights, to open and engage the senses. To recalibrate yourself and become more present because your varying perspectives. When we traverse our “well worn trail”, we lose sight of the details around us because our awareness dulls with repetitition. Unless, something is obvious or your more perceptive than most.

I contemplate on the ability to create newness in the everyday. To adapt the philosophy of the Native Scout, to never take the same way twice. Does this make me more adaptable to change, if I keep shifting? And if I walk with this philosophy on the outer, what paths do I choose to take on the inner?

Allow your self to be led, almost as if guided by your curiosity, your intuition. And allow that to dictate your movement. Explore the known, with the eyes of the unknown.

Engage in the adventure of wandering. When you awaken to your day, ask, where will I be led today? Where will my spirit take me? Allow me to open myself to the mystery of this day, and what does it have to reveal to me? We can have everything planned out, and we still walk blindfolded in the element of the unknown and how it truly plays out.
Explore new territory, maybe a different route home from work. Be mindful and open to new things you may see. Pull over and walk in the field of wildflowers you pass by everyday. Fill your life force with the beauty that surrounds you. Remind yourself that it is EVERYWHERE. That you can take moments of wandering, in adventure even if its just around the bend. Create depth and significance in what most would consider common place.

Even if for 2 minutes, take your morning cup of coffee and walk in the neglected corner of your back yard. Listen to the birds singing in the trees. How do their songs change with the seasons? Discover the fox tracks written on the earth. Pick up the feather left behind as a gift and reminder, to maybe walk with grace, or whatever it invokes for you. There is an invitation to wildness awaiting around the corner..




Would you consider trading growth for depth?

This question leapt out at me in hearing the words of storyteller,
Martin Shaw.

It has been my own process these days to propel myself further into the leading edge of my awareness and trust. To deepen one foot each in 2 realms. The realm of “the real world”, what is secure, or “normal” for people. The next foot into the realm of the unseen, spirit, or simply the connection with my own truth, and vulnerability. The place of mastery, a space that resides over lifetimes, and is never complete.
This is the relevance of the deepening. In many traditional practices, it is a reocurring theme and teaching to continue to ground, go deep, in your posture, your awareness, to simultaneously move upward. The more grounded you are, the firmer the foundation. The more rooted, the greater ability to rise through your own roots, to tap into your threshold of the empowered self.

I sink even deeper resonating with these words.

What can we learn about ourselves if we go into the caverns and depths of our being, our minds, our emotions? When this comes to mind, do we forbode into the negative patterns that have accumulated over time, because we have not looked at these things, or are imprisoned by them? Or, do you feel the expansion in strengthening the groundwork that has already been anchored?
What can we extract from ourselves in retrospect of how far we have come?

To Be, what we have Become.

Are we laying the true foundation of what is in our hearts? What we feel is right to our core. Or, do we continue to lay the grounds that continue to rock us into instability, insecurity, and falsehoods, or masks that we continue to portray because we are afraid? Shackled into the propensity of the things we cannot change, and being a witness of the things that are just within reach.

May we connect to the stories within us all. Find the beauty and reverance of where we are, no matter where that is. Go deep, deeper, until you find the stillness that reflects your truth.


xo Donna

Remembering to Pause~ Beyond Reacting


Beyond Reacting
Remembering to Pause
by Madisyn Taylor
Remembering to pause and take a breath before we react can shift the energy of the outcome.
We have all had the experience of reacting in a way that was less than ideal upon hearing bad news, or being unfairly criticized, or being told something we did not want to hear. This makes sense because when our emotions are triggered, they tend to take center stage, inhibiting our ability to pause before we speak. We may feel compelled to release the tension by expressing ourselves in some way, whether it’s yelling back at the person yelling at us, or rushing to deliver words of comfort to a friend in trouble. However, there is much to be said for teaching ourselves to remember to pause and take a deep breath before we respond to the shocks and insults that can come our way in life.

For one thing, our initial response is not always what’s best for us, or for the other people involved. Reacting to childish rage with childish rage will only escalate the negativity in a situation, further ensnaring us in an undesirable dynamic. Similarly, when we react defensively, or simply thoughtlessly, we often end up feeling regret over our words or actions. In the end, we save ourselves a lot of pain when we take a deep breath and really tune in to ourselves, and the other person, before we respond. This doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t say anything, although in some cases, that may be the best option.

Some situations require a fairly immediate response, but even just a moment of grounding ourselves before we do so can help enormously. The next time you find yourself wanting to react, try to pause, and in that pause, take a deep breath. Feel your feet on the floor, the air on your skin, and listen for a response to arise within you, rather than just going with the first thing that pops into your head. You may find that in that moment, there is the potential to move beyond reaction and into the more subtle and creative realm of response, where something new can happen.



Power of The East



In native and eastern asian cultures, amongst many civilizations, people believed the directions were a source of power. A reflection and harmony with the seasons and within themselves. As we approach springtime, we enter into the Power of the East, The Place of New Beginnings. As each day the sun rises above the horizon, may we look with new eyes, a new perspective, of a new dawn of the rising sun.

New beginnings can create excitement, a fresh start. However, at times it can also surface vulnerabilities in the exploration of all that is new in the great mysteries of the unknown and unpredictability.

As spring begins to awaken, we transition from winter. What can we truly reflect upon as we move into a new doorway of change? What seeds do we choose to nurture? What layers of our old selves do we continue to unlayer and let go of? May we have the connection within ourselves to deepen the process in full acceptance of the place we are in, here and now. Ground yourself into the center of your being, just as the new sapling fortifies it roots into the soil, while continuously reaching for the sunshine.

I ask for you to join me in the presence of who you are, and what you truly wish to embrace on your journey at this time. Feel the vulnerability of not knowing, as we can all relate to this fear of the unknown. Come to the edge, my friends. And fall into the trust that is in your heart. Know that your truth will guide you towards your own growth.

If you stumble, you have the strength to get up again. I was told once that there is no such thing as failure, if you haven’t learned from it. If you follow your heart, you follow your truth. Be courageous to walk through the door of new ventures, new projects, and how you wish to project yourself into the new.

xo Donna Brickwood

CranioSacral Therapy


Few structures have as much influence over the body’s ability to function properly as the brain and spinal cord that make up the central nervous system. Read about the benefits of CranioSacral Therapy.