Would you consider trading growth for depth?

This question leapt out at me in hearing the words of storyteller,
Martin Shaw.

It has been my own process these days to propel myself further into the leading edge of my awareness and trust. To deepen one foot each in 2 realms. The realm of “the real world”, what is secure, or “normal” for people. The next foot into the realm of the unseen, spirit, or simply the connection with my own truth, and vulnerability. The place of mastery, a space that resides over lifetimes, and is never complete.
This is the relevance of the deepening. In many traditional practices, it is a reocurring theme and teaching to continue to ground, go deep, in your posture, your awareness, to simultaneously move upward. The more grounded you are, the firmer the foundation. The more rooted, the greater ability to rise through your own roots, to tap into your threshold of the empowered self.

I sink even deeper resonating with these words.

What can we learn about ourselves if we go into the caverns and depths of our being, our minds, our emotions? When this comes to mind, do we forbode into the negative patterns that have accumulated over time, because we have not looked at these things, or are imprisoned by them? Or, do you feel the expansion in strengthening the groundwork that has already been anchored?
What can we extract from ourselves in retrospect of how far we have come?

To Be, what we have Become.

Are we laying the true foundation of what is in our hearts? What we feel is right to our core. Or, do we continue to lay the grounds that continue to rock us into instability, insecurity, and falsehoods, or masks that we continue to portray because we are afraid? Shackled into the propensity of the things we cannot change, and being a witness of the things that are just within reach.

May we connect to the stories within us all. Find the beauty and reverance of where we are, no matter where that is. Go deep, deeper, until you find the stillness that reflects your truth.


xo Donna

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