Just wanted to share a few pics! I had the honor to collaborate in this art piece, in which was saturated with Native Philosophies, Healing, and Deep Reverence for recognizing how our ancestors lived closely to the Earth. It is nurturing and heart opening to build something structurally and symbolically infused with wisdom, story telling, and appreciation for all things.

The Carved Ridge Pole extending from the smoke hole located at the top of the lodge expresses a point in connection between sky and earth where the four compass directions meet.

This pole follows the sun as an access and anchor to be the illumination from within. At night, the pole directs towards the East, New Beginnings. In anticipation of the rising sun, and is a reminder to be the Light even through the Darkness.

Ceremonial Wickiup (2017)
A collaboration between Donna Brickwood and Greg Slick

Ceremonial Wickiup is a site-specific structure largely based on Native American design. Made of saplings and other natural materials that are responsibly and respectfully harvested.

Mike Gulbrandsen from Reflections of Nature Landscaping also assisted in this build.

All Good Medicine.

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