Nature Quest

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Nature & Intuitive Awareness derives from the teachings of Native Cultures whom lived in harmony with the Earth. It is through the relationship of Self and Nature, that we spiral inward towards the center of ourselves, and what that means to us externally. Awareness is developing and training our “physical” senses in the capacity of expanding our “intuitive” senses. We can connect to this experience profoundly through Nature, because we are in our Fundamental Elements of Life.






Adventure Outings

Nourish the spirit through fun and adventure. Find inspiration that instills well-being, balance, and enliven the senses. As we discover Presence, Awareness and exploration of Self, we redefine our inner journey and reconnecting with your passion. Sign up for our newsletter, view our calendar to see upcoming events or allow us to customize an event that suits your needs in wellness and adventure!


  • Yoga Hikes
  • Hiking
  • Wine Tasting
  • Horseback Riding with Yoga and Nature Awareness
  • Meditation
  • Ziplining with Nature Awareness
  • Nature Awareness
  • And more… ask about creating your own customized Adventure Package!



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