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Ancient Ways in Nature Healing

Reflected in the balance of nature is our own internal desire for balance and harmony. The physical perception of nature through sight, sound, and touch translates into an emotional response of joy, fear, or wonder, which then translates into a spiritual response of admiration of the beauty that surrounds us. In just a few moments in nature, you’ve unified mind, body, and spirit. More than that, you’ve incorporated another equally important element: the environment. This is a philosophy, and way of life for many cultures and indigenous peoples, this is NOT based on Religion. But, an old way passed on for generations by people who naturally lived close to the Earth and knew its deep wisdom, as BEING a part of Nature and it’s symphony of communication.
 The Medicine Way of Nature enables us to regain our energetic wellness by purifying our spiritual nervous system enabling us to re-experience our true essence, and natural soul connection with Spirit and the elemental Laws of Nature. Healing is possible when psyche and body of the seeker balance with Nature. It resets our biological clock according to universal time and harmonizes our natural brain chemistry. The corresponding shift in our personal values, priorities and self-image produces a transformative
‘new beginning’.

Experiential Exercises may include:

Guided Meditation and Journeying

Law of Attraction Principles

Mindset Practices & Establishing Healthy Thought Patterns

Energy Medicine & Healing

Connecting to Higher Source & Self

Awareness Training & Mindfulness Exercises

Plant & Animal Spirit Medicine and Connection to Guides

Directional & Elemental Awareness & Sensibility

Deepening this connection will:

Develop a deeper sense of Empowerment, Self Reliance and Confidence.

Invoke a truth within your Self to AWAKEN to more joy, clarity, and your unique gifts.
Establish healthy mindset, and goal setting to give you clear action steps to move towards your Higher Vision, Passion, and Purpose.
Assist you in releasing “Old Stories” that block you from fully Moving Forward.
Support positive reinforcement in walking your path Courageously, and with Purpose.
Reclaim Yourself to the Wildness of your Spirit!!

Private Sessions

Each session varies with each individual, and is customized to suit your intentions on areas you wish to expand a deeper awareness in.  Multiple sessions deepen an individuals experience and connection. Through an ongoing mentorship/coaching program, allows an enriched and immersed experience. It nurtures deep support and shines a light onto one’s spiritual path.

Group Sessions

Group Mentoring and workshops allow a unique experience of relating these concepts not only on an individual level, but weaving a consciousness that runs through members of a “tribe”. We learn from one another, as each petal on the flower creates a “whole”. We can be in participation, as we are all teachers and reflections of one another.


Great for Families, Friends, Corporations, and Organized Groups.


Sessions can be developed In Person, or in Distance Mentoring.

If you wish to Create a Memorable Nature Experience, Embodied in Wisdom and Connection to Spirit, Donna is also available for travel, and Unique Retreat Opportunities.

This Combines well with Yoga Retreats and Outings

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Mentorships are Appropriate for all ages.

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