Power of The East



In native and eastern asian cultures, amongst many civilizations, people believed the directions were a source of power. A reflection and harmony with the seasons and within themselves. As we approach springtime, we enter into the Power of the East, The Place of New Beginnings. As each day the sun rises above the horizon, may we look with new eyes, a new perspective, of a new dawn of the rising sun.

New beginnings can create excitement, a fresh start. However, at times it can also surface vulnerabilities in the exploration of all that is new in the great mysteries of the unknown and unpredictability.

As spring begins to awaken, we transition from winter. What can we truly reflect upon as we move into a new doorway of change? What seeds do we choose to nurture? What layers of our old selves do we continue to unlayer and let go of? May we have the connection within ourselves to deepen the process in full acceptance of the place we are in, here and now. Ground yourself into the center of your being, just as the new sapling fortifies it roots into the soil, while continuously reaching for the sunshine.

I ask for you to join me in the presence of who you are, and what you truly wish to embrace on your journey at this time. Feel the vulnerability of not knowing, as we can all relate to this fear of the unknown. Come to the edge, my friends. And fall into the trust that is in your heart. Know that your truth will guide you towards your own growth.

If you stumble, you have the strength to get up again. I was told once that there is no such thing as failure, if you haven’t learned from it. If you follow your heart, you follow your truth. Be courageous to walk through the door of new ventures, new projects, and how you wish to project yourself into the new.

xo Donna Brickwood

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