Sacred Space is located at 436 Main Street Beacon, NY 12508.

Sacred Space provides the opportunity to nourish healing and connection on all levels of mind, body, spirit, and earth relationship. It is to rekindle awareness and come back to the center of our truest knowing and infinite potential. Through the offering of Healing Arts, Nature Awareness, and Movement we promote a healthy lifestyle of balance, well-being, and the interconnectedness to all things.


Donna Brickwood is the Founder of Sacred Space in Beacon, NY. She is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003, specializing in Pain Management. Donna continues to broaden her awareness in the Healing Arts staying updated with modalities assisting in Whole Body Integration and Wellbeing. Donna fuses her style and knowledge of technique throughout the years to address the body individually and intuitively.

For over 10 years, Donna’s massage practice has focused in working with people
dealing with a multitude of different health conditions, as well as those seeking
a healthy lifestyle through alternative therapies like massage.

For those seeking a massage therapist that is dependable, knowledgeable,
down to earth, attentive and focused on the needs of her clients,
Donna brings all of those qualities to her practice and more.

Her unique style of massage therapy has helped many recover from
debilitating pain, overcome physical and emotional limitations,
as well as bring a state of balance and health into the lives of those seeking
a healthier lifestyle. Each and every massage is customized to each person
individually based on their specific needs.

Through Donna’s exploration of personal self growth, she received her Yoga Teacher Certification at Satsang Yoga with Liz Schulman, and Charles & Lisa Matkin. She dedicated years of training in Native Philosophy, Healing, and Wilderness Living. She passionately studied the teachings of Grandfather Stalking Wolf, through Tom Brown,Jr’s Tracker School of Wilderness Survival, Tracking, and Awareness. She served as On- staff Massage Therapist and Intern. Donna remains active within the Tracker Community, while volunteering support for Tracker Search and Forensic Investigation.

It is through this experience that Donna has a deepened relationship with connecting to the Earth through the teachings of the Ancient Ways of Indigenous knowledge, Primitive Skills, and Plant Wisdom. This is where she truly found her passion for healing and the importance of sharing the awareness of Sacred Relationship to the Land and People. Sacred Space has become her vehicle in which she can gently guide others towards their inherent nature, and finding the Sacred Space Within.