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Bless the Waters


Bless the Waters

Sitting side by side, with 12 other women, of all ages. Grandmother Barbara Threecrow leads us in ceremony and prayer to honor the waters. We come together with purposeful hearts of appreciation and gratitude to bless the waters of the earth and in our bodies. The water signifies life, the blood of the earth. Without it, existence would cease to exist as we know it.
There are so many factors that threaten the purity of this source on a day to day basis when one truly looks at the issues we face in this regard, it could be quite overwhelming.

When we choose to See, we can create Shifts. Even if its in the very molecular body that holds the resonance of this element that literally courses through our veins, and flesh. Simply Being in this consciousness within our own selves, is an inner awareness that transcends us to holding a vessel of the Life Force that moves through you. Where you are a part of something grander, whole. A link to what connects us all. This water moves through the oceans, the rivers, all genders, all races, all animals, all plants. We then become a witness of the importance of why we nurture and protect this valuable resource.


This is me, in the wilds of the Pine Barrens doing swamp gymnastics a.k.a. the Swamp Crawl. A training exercise of absolute Surrender, Hip deep in floating weeds and the unknown, grounding myself in the murky muds and roots of the lotus flowers. In the Surrender is Trust, a great metaphor for life.

Now, Im Not telling you, you have to go swamp swimming to get enlightened. However, One of my greatest moments of earth kinship just happened to be caught on film. There are other ways..
How do we engage in a bigger picture?

  • Give Thanks.

To your own bodies, the water you drink. The water that cleanses you, the rain that falls.

On an ongoing basis, It’s so profound when you decide to honor the smallest gesture of gratitude to the water. This internal reflection can create a new wave of understanding yourself in subtle and profound ways.

Dr. Emoto, a Japanese author, and researcher experimented with the power of intention and water. His claims are that positive and negative thoughts have a direct correlation to the molecular shape of water under microscope. These molecules were photographed upon freezing, and what was found were true gems, and artistry. His work has been on the cutting edge of linking the power of intent to our bodies and the natural world. Providing glimpses of what native people’s and ancient studies knew all along about their relationship to this element.
His work has been recognized throughout the years, you may have heard. But worth looking into time and time again, as a reminder of who we are.

  • Participate in a community that educates about our water and take action.

If you want to be aware of what’s happening locally, watchdog organizations such as river keeper go to far lengths to educate and protect the waters from encroaching potential threats. They need people to participate, to have voices, and share the message. We can choose to practice Stewardship and Caretake our land and resources for many generations ahead. The Waters, the Earth’s resources are all a Legacy we leave behind.



The Power of The Sit Spot



One of the most powerful connections I have made when doing profound soul searching, asking for guidance, or connecting to my vision, mission and purpose, was utilizing the Nature Sit Spot.
The Sit Spot became one of my greatest mentors and purest doorway to integrating my truth, my inner most nature, and self discovery.

On a daily basis, I would find an area that I felt drawn to in a natural setting. I would go out with an intention, or a question. And sit in deep, keen observation of my surroundings. It was a continuous surrender of my thoughts and expansion of my awareness.

Here, I would find beauty and insight in the smallest of details. The trees would speak to me through the patterns of bark, leaving written messages for me that only I could understand in that moment of presence. The ants would show me great strength and endurance, to be resilient and unwaivering. They showed me you can get a lot more done with community.
The winds told me to never give up on my dreams, and to keep moving through my inspiration courageously with trust.

At times in the night, I would light a small tipi fire for comfort in my night sits. Fire taught me to till the deep soils of what was in my heart, to move into the core, ash and embers to discover my deepest passions and how I am to direct that into action in my life. To be extremely clear about what I’m cultivating in the Now, and to surrender it into the next breath and the next…

So this is an invitation to find your seat. Feel free to share your discoveries, and insights on the Sacred Space Facebook page!

I would love to hear about your experiences. Try the Sit Spot Challenge. 30 consecutive days in a row. Sunrise or Sunset are optimal times to get out there.. Don’t forget your Journal!
xo Donna Brickwood

Forest Therapy

The Japanese, and most cultures that have an affinity for connecting to nature and making it a part of their lifestyle inherently know the profound benefits of time well spent in the forest. Forest Bathing has become a health trend in the asian culture as studies have shown the amazing benefits of doing a little “dirt time”.
(In my world, dirt time adapted by the community of Author, Master tracker, and Teacher Tom Brown, Jr is considered time spent connecting to the earth, and perfecting your skills related to nature and earth living. Such as, primitive skills, tracking, nature awareness and observation.)
“Studies in Japan have measured changes in immune markers and stress hormones in people who regularly walked in specific forests in Japan. In addition, people with diabetes but not taking insulin found substantial benefits by lowering blood glucose levels.” There are also studies indicating increases in human natural killer activity and expression of anti-cancer proteins.” Wikipedia
As some of you may know my slight obsession with aromatherapy, these various studies conclude the benefits of time in nature are discerned through the olfactory senses. The sense of smell, where your body integrates the constituents of plant, earth material and tree oils. The body can fully engage itself in its senses. Visually, we take in the beauty and perfection of the natural design and intimate connection we may have as we engage in this full body experience. Instead of the inundation of technology, modern gizmos and gadgets, we are fully immersed in our fundamental rooted nature, literally. We are nature. Not something outside of it. Our modern society just trains us this way. We live in a box, and we move from box to box. No wonder why we feel stifled, complacent, and disconnected.
The more in touch we are with this innate relationship with ourself and nature, as a living breathing organism, the more we can explore a unique opportunity to fully engage the potential of the human experience. One that is “In tune” with their surroundings and intuitive essence. If one treats it as such, nature is a connection to Source. A temple of Creation, a doorway to self discovery, and connection to the spirit that moves through all things.
To start your Forest Bathing experience..
  1. Simply Walk in Nature
Make it a meditative experience where you are engaging your senses. Breathe in life force energy fully and deeply. Feel the air on your skin, embrace the wind. Allow the radiance of the sun wash away your troubles and allow it to fuel your body with a light from within. Allow it to kickstart your internal fire, your passions, creativity, and drive.
  1. Find a Sweet Spot, aka Sit Spot                                                                                           Take 15 min to an hour to sit in a location you feel drawn to. Observe nature. Allow it to become a mirror to your own internal landscape. Note the behaviors of what crosses your path. Animals, insects.. Why did you feel drawn to the site? A specific tree, view..
     3.Stop to smell the Roses
        Sometimes when we think of an outdoor experience, we think maybe a hike would be          nice. And, that is a great opportunity to connect. However, sometimes we get caught up in moving from location A to B. Unfortunately, sometimes we miss everything around us when our view is just one foot in front of the other. As a bodyworker, its my job to watch body mechanics and movement. In my observations, we more often than not are staring at the floor. Allow your vision to wander. Stop to look at the patterns of bark, engage in the opportunity to indulge and bask in the pure essence and fragrance of a honeysuckle bush.
Allow nature to guide you, fuel you, expand you. We have all heard the expression “Commune with Nature” It is a relationship. A dynamic. A conversation. A listening, and a chance to be heard.
                           The Gods listen through the perception of Nature.
                                                  xo Donna Brickwood