The Power of The Sit Spot



One of the most powerful connections I have made when doing profound soul searching, asking for guidance, or connecting to my vision, mission and purpose, was utilizing the Nature Sit Spot.
The Sit Spot became one of my greatest mentors and purest doorway to integrating my truth, my inner most nature, and self discovery.

On a daily basis, I would find an area that I felt drawn to in a natural setting. I would go out with an intention, or a question. And sit in deep, keen observation of my surroundings. It was a continuous surrender of my thoughts and expansion of my awareness.

Here, I would find beauty and insight in the smallest of details. The trees would speak to me through the patterns of bark, leaving written messages for me that only I could understand in that moment of presence. The ants would show me great strength and endurance, to be resilient and unwaivering. They showed me you can get a lot more done with community.
The winds told me to never give up on my dreams, and to keep moving through my inspiration courageously with trust.

At times in the night, I would light a small tipi fire for comfort in my night sits. Fire taught me to till the deep soils of what was in my heart, to move into the core, ash and embers to discover my deepest passions and how I am to direct that into action in my life. To be extremely clear about what I’m cultivating in the Now, and to surrender it into the next breath and the next…

So this is an invitation to find your seat. Feel free to share your discoveries, and insights on the Sacred Space Facebook page!

I would love to hear about your experiences. Try the Sit Spot Challenge. 30 consecutive days in a row. Sunrise or Sunset are optimal times to get out there.. Don’t forget your Journal!
xo Donna Brickwood

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