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The core of Young Living’s mission is to inspire change by fostering a community of healing and discovery, while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose and abundance.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover:

Are you interested in safer, cheaper, more effective healthcare? Learn how essential oils can safely minimize symptoms, address root causes, and even eliminate expensive over-the-counter medications and doctor’s visits. Natural alternatives to chemicals and synthetic medications, essential oils provide quick and effective relief without side effects.

Essential Oils for Pain Management:

Pain can affect our daily lives in such a negative way.  Essential oils provide wonderful pain relief and general first aid by reducing inflammation, bruising, menstruation discomfort, headaches, muscle pain, growing pains, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, and much more!



The most cost effective way to get started with the most versatile oils is to enroll with the Premium Starter Kit.  This kit will get you your own wholesale account and save you 24% off retail pricing (it sells for $150 plus tax & shipping)!  This was the kit I started with and it has everything you need to start oiling!  There are other starter kit options but this is the best one in my opinion.

There are over 100+ uses for the oils in this kit.  It will replace your First Aid and OTC medicine cabinet easily, in addition to lots of everyday uses!

Included in the Starter Kit:

It comes with 10 Everyday Oils (5 ml) ~ Joy, Frankincense, Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender, Panaway, Peace and Calming, Purification, Thieves, and Valor, PLUS a bonus oil…Stress Away (5ml) with an aromaglide top for easy application AND the Home Diffuser!  This kit has it ALL and are still my top favorite oils!!


BECOME A WHOLESALE MEMBER and save 24%, while earning bonuses and free products or interested in individual oils, set up your Retail Account.

Please contact Donna Brickwood for more information, education or therapeutic oil consultations.

To order: www.youngliving.com

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Premium Starter Kit, By far best value!




ZYTO Compass Scan


Book your appointment to receive a product scan specific for your body. ZYTO technology measures fluctuations in the energy patterns of the skin. The primary feedback mechanism is called GSR for Galvanic Skin Response. GSR is commonly used as a marker for stress. In a process called a bio-survey, a client places his/her hand on a hand cradle and the ZYTO Compass software sends stimuli to the body using digital signatures representative of various alternatives like nutritional supplements. Each stimulus creates a unique GSR response which the ZYTO Compass software measures and analyzes. Each response indicates a biological preference for the item assessed. Knowing biological preferences help individuals to make better choices about their health This scanning addresses 76 biomarkers in the body through the hand and shows which Young Living products your body desires to use. It is a helpful way to target the products most beneficial for you. Learn what Young Living products your body desires, start using them, and experience the results! Take the guesswork out of supplements and essential oils. This scan is fast and efficient. Zero in on what your body is in desiring in about 10 minutes


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